samedi 6 septembre 2014

paradigm shift

What is a paradigm shift?

Paradigm shift is something like a revolution. As Thomas Kuhn describes it in his book the Structure of Scientific revolutions, it's a change that has been driven by the emergence of an idea which challenges an existing orthodoxy. 
Initially, the two ideas compete while the old order maintains its dominance. Over time, the strength and popularity of the new idea grows, until it begins to displace the older order: This is what Thomas Kuhn calls a paradigm shift.

That's how all great ideas come into existence. It's not easy to think of something that can cause a revolution, something that can change history as well as existing patterns of thoughts. People are usually resistant to change, a new idea is not necessarily well accepted most of the time. Thus, when thinking of a new revolutionary idea, one must have enough resolve and keep on holding onto their own ideas. We have to think different, think outside the box, in order to be able to change the world. And as a programmer, it's not enough to have an idea, we must make the effort to implement this idea, turn it into something concrete.

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