vendredi 14 octobre 2011

Thoughts about programming

IMHO, programming is not just about writing code, correcting bugs, learning a couple of programming languages, or knowing how to do some tricks with them. Programming is about solving problems, or even better, it's about the approach taken to solve a problem. Sometimes there is only one way to do things. But most of the time, there are many ways. What makes the difference between an average programmer and a good one is that the latter will always find a better way to solve the problem.

It's not that the first one is not able to find that solution, it's just that when he found the first solution that came to his mind, he didn't take the time to think further about the problem, he didn't ask himself the questions you should ask yourself: Is this the only way to do it? Isn't there a better way? Why don't I try to solve this problem in more elegant way. You have to challenge yourself, try to be better than yourself.

That's what makes the difference. There are average programmers who remain average either because they don't want to go that extra mile and try to find that better solution, or because someone taught them in the beginning some way to think, which was not the best way and they didn't have the chance to learn another way. As for the rest, those who aspire to become always better, stop writing code for a second, take the time to think deeply, try to read some code written by professional people and ask yourself why did they do it this way not that way. And as long as you are passionate about programming and you keep learning new things, you'll end up being the one finding the best solution.

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